ROLLING MILLS: Long Product Mills

We manufacture knives for hot and cold cutting on all types of long product mills, including:

  • Heavy Bar
  • Heavy Section
  • Light Section
  • Medium Section
  • Merchant Bar
  • Rebar
  • Wire Rod

Knives include:

  • Cooling Bed Cutting-to-Length
  • Crop Cobble & Emergency Shears
  • Hot Bloom & Billet Cutting
  • Test Shears

For maximum performance, ASKO offers a variety of knife grades, such as high temperature super alloy and hot work tool steel. For large special section hot cutting, we manufacture knives in composite super alloy designs.

When it comes to cold work applications, ASKO knives are available in a wide range of grades and tailored to each application whether shock or wear is the source of knife edge ending.

Additionally, we regrind and refurbish every type of bar, rod, section and wire knife. Knives and/or knife cassettes are processed at our facilities for expert reconditioning to original specifications. Our reconditioning programs are designed to support every mill operator’s demands.

For roughing and finishing stands, ASKO manufactures housing and chock liners and wear plates including:

  • Bed Plates
  • Chock Liners
  • Housing Liners
  • Hydraliners
  • Mae West Liners
  • Pressure Blocks
  • Rocker Plates
  • Sled Plates
  • Stacker Plates

To match every technical requirement and budget, liners and wear plates are available in compound (clad) steel, solid alloy tool steel, and solid surface hardened steel.

ASKO also offers Cast, Profile & Edger Rolls and Rolling Rings for Heavy Section, Medium Section, Rail, and Hot Strip Mills through its partner Coswig and Rail Mill Rolls through its partner Bowers & Jones Ltd.

For more information, please see our brochures or visit our product gallery.