ROLLING MILLS: Flat Product Mills – Plate Mills

ASKO manufactures knives for hot and for cold cutting including:

  • Cut-to-Length
  • Rotary Side Trimmer
  • Scrap Chopper
  • Side Shear

Formulated from a wide range of grades, our knives are used on the widest, narrowest, and heaviest mills. By working closely with customers, we help them determine the best shear knives and blades for their specific applications.

Additionally, we regrind and refurbish every type of plate mill knife. Your knives, knife cassettes and scrap choppers, mounted in drums or dismounted, may be returned to our facility for expert reconditioning to original specifications. We customize reconditioning programs to support every mill operator’s demands.

For roughing and finishing stands, ASKO manufactures housing and chock liners and wear plates including:

  • Bed Plates
  • Chock Liners
  • Housing Liners
  • Hydraliners
  • Mae West Liners
  • Pressure Blocks
  • Rocker Plates
  • Sled Plates
  • Stacker Plates

To match every technical requirement and budget, liners and wear plates are available in compound (clad) steel, solid alloy tool steel, and solid surface hardened steel.

ASKO also offers plate mill levelling rolls, back-up rolls, and bearings through its partner BSA S.R.L. and furnace rolls through its partner FAI-FTC.

For more information, please see our brochures or visit our product gallery.