ENGINEERING & SERVICES: Slitter Setup Software (EdgeMaster™)

Our proprietary EdgeMaster software is the only solution for slitter tooling setup that analyzes your historical slitting data, evaluates your operating conditions and displays what your edge will look like before you make a cut.

EdgeMaster is ideal for:

  • Steel Mills Producing Flat & Tubular Products
  • Service Centers and Metal Processors Handling Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Products
  • OEMs (Equipment Builders for Service Centers and Processors)

EdgeMaster Slitter Tooling Software Features:

  • Simplified ring configuration utility
  • Export Knife Management and SWiM data into Excel
  • Create and print multiple setups at one time
  • Combine two setups to save setup and take-down time
  • Set customer tolerances
  • Create misalignment setup
  • Add footers to printed pages
  • Receive technical support via phone, web and email

With a precise, computer-generated, arbor-loading sequence and a simplified system of knives and spacers, slitters can obtain any mult width in increments of 0.001″/0.025mm or better.

To learn more about how the EdgeMaster system can help you improve quality and productivity, see our brochure.