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Slitter Tooling Software, EdgeMaster Slitter Tooling Software

Slitter Tooling Software, EdgeMaster Slitter Tooling Software

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EdgeMaster II System Requirements

Slitter Diagram

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Slitter Software Trade Names

  • EdgeMaster II
  • EdgeMaster II Lite
  • SWiM
  • eSWiM

EdgeMaster II Slitter Tooling Software

EdgeMaster™ II improves slit edge quality for packed arbors, speeds the set up process, and improves set up accuracy. EdgeMaster II is powerful enough to cope with the unique demands of any coil processing operation, while simple enough to learn in hours.

Unlike other slitter tooling software, EdgeMaster II analyzes the input data, searches its knowledge of the user's operating conditions and displays what the edge will look like before making a cut. EdgeMaster II generates a complete step-by-step arbor-loading sequence, maximizing the use of available slitter tooling.

Accurate knife clearances greatly improve knife life and virtually eliminate burred edges. To produce precise knife clearances, EdgeMaster II automatically performs accurate mult width calculations once the tensile strength and thickness of the material being slit is entered.

EdgeMaster II Slitter Tooling Software enables you to:

  • See a single-screen snapshot of your most relevant data
  • Generate a parts list and arbor-loading sequences
  • Assure accurate knife clearances to maximize your knife life and ensure burr-free edges
  • See a variety of display options and print reports
  • Use a handheld device to retrieve and import data into SWiM
  • Save and store arbor setups

With a precise, computer-generated arbor-loading sequence and a simplified system of knives and spacers, slitters can obtain any mult width in increments of 0.001"/0.025mm or better.


EdgeMaster II Slitter Tooling Software eliminates the variables encountered in slitter tooling when using shims, but what about variables within the slitting line, or inherent in the material that affect slit width dimensions? To compensate for slitting line and material variables, ASKO developed Slit Width Management, SWiM (U.S. Patent No. 5,574,890), an easy-to-use decision support tool that is part of the EdgeMaster II suite. SWiM is the only software to replace guesswork with a powerful computer database that records actual slitting experience. By using that experience, SWiM helps operators overcome slitting line variables to achieve maximum slit width accuracy and consistency.

EdgeMaster II Lite includes all the slitter set-up features of EdgeMaster II except for SWiM.


eSWiM works with EdgeMaster II and SWiM to improve the recording and importing of mult width measurements by storing actual mult widths and edge conditions on a Pocket PC. With previous versions of SWiM, the actual widths would be recorded by hand onto a sheet of paper, and then they would be entered into SWiM one-by-one. Manual error would reduce the effectiveness and reliability of the data. eSWiM was designed to increase the effectiveness of SWiM by reducing the risk of manual errors and eliminating typos, thus making the data more reliable. Since the actual mult widths are imported from the Pocket PC the time it takes to enter the actual mult widths in SWiM has also been greatly reduced.

Slitter Tooling Software Design

Designed for Microsoft Windows, ASKO's slitter tooling software is available in versions compatible with all Microsoft operating systems. ASKO's EdgeMaster software design and interface incorporates input from more than 2,000 customers operating ASKO shimless systems.

Slitter Tooling Software Ordering Information

ASKO slitter tooling set up software is a standardized, robustly supported product. We configure it to order for each customer to ensure proper operations. To receive a quotation of price and delivery for any of our slitter tooling software, please complete the information form or contact ASKO by phone, fax, or email.

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