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Saw Blade Troubleshooting

Normal operating conditions can vary enormously from application to application, but with proper control, reasonably consistent performance can be expected.

Deviations from the norm are a sign of trouble and the following table may offer guidance.


Possible Cause and Solution

Heavy Burr (moustache)

  • Feed forces too high - Reduce
  • Saw teeth worn - Resharpen
  • Tooth design inappropriate - Consult ASKO

Heavy Burr (splashout)

  • Too much heat - Teeth worn - Resharpen
  • Too much heat - Design inappropriate - Consult ASKO

Part deforms

  • Clamping forces too high - Reduce
  • Clamping surfaces worn - Repair or replace
  • Saw teeth worn - Resharpen
  • Tooth design inappropriate - Consult ASKO

Cutting out of square

  • Workpiece moving - Check clamping
  • Saw blade not running true - Check if blade if flat: if mounting surfaces are clean and undamaged: bearings and flanges are running true
  • Check to see if coolant delivery is equal on both sides
  • Teeth are worn or feed rate is too high
  • Tension is incorrect - Consult manufacturer *
  • In case of Flying saws, synchronization of saw and workpiece motion is necessary

Early wear

  • Coolant failure - Check for nozzle blockage
  • Inconsistent grinding - Check that tooth form is as designed and burning (softening) is not occurring during grinding
  • In the case of hot sawing, check that work is not colder than normal

Tooth loading/clogging

  • Insufficient gullet space - Check tooth form is as designed
  • Extreme tooth wear - Resharpen
  • Incorrect pitch for application - Consult ASKO

Cracks in gullet

  • Gullet radius too small or poorly blended into tooth flanks
  • Saw blade has been run too long before resharpening
  • Blade may be too hard in area of gullet

Heavy vibration

  • Saw teeth badly worn - Resharpen
  • Tension may be incorrect - Consult manufacturer *
  • Pitch may be incorrect for application - Consult ASKO
  • Spindle bearings may need attention

*Tension should be checked by qualified personnel and re-tensionining should be performed by qualified sawsmiths.

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