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How To Select The Correct Grade

In choosing the proper grade of American Shear Knife, consideration should be given to the following in order to provide the knife exactly engineered for your shearing requirements and to give the maximum life per edge when in service.

  1. The kind of material to be sheared - whether it is mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or a nonferrous metal such as copper, aluminum, magnesium, or brass.
  2. The thickness of the material - the average thickness of material being sheared as well as the maximum thickness to be sheared.
  3. The temperature of the material - whether it is sheared hot or at room temperature determines the choice of the basic alloy to be used. For hot shearing, heat-resistant types of tool steels must be used in order to prevent heat checking and turning or softening of the edges due to heat.
  4. Type of service - continuous or intermittent; whether used in long production runs such as continuous mill-type operations or continuous cutting n a fabricating plant or whether used only infrequently.
  5. The metallurgical characteristics of the steel, including the tensile strength, the ultimate and the yield, and the surface condition of the material.
  6. The make and model of the shear being used.

It is our desire to furnish you with the most economical shear knife in terms of "knife cost per ton sheared". This factor alone governs our recommendation as to the grade of American Shear Knife to use for any application.

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