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Knife Setting Suggestions for Shear Knives

One of the important factors governing knife life is the care with which adjustments in settings are made. No completely satisfactory standards can be given to fit all situations for setting shear knives. Clearances for shearing the same gauges will vary on different shears depending on the age and type of machine being used. Different metallurgical properties will also require a change in the clearance setting. ASKO can help establish the optimum settings.

On some shears, no changes in knife clearance need be made for a change in gauge, but the clearance is set for the lightest thickness of material to be sheared.

When setting knives in a guillotine-type shear, the upper knife should be put in the machine first, using a wooden lever to wedge the upper knife tightly against the knife seat, making certain that all bolts are in place and drawn up tightly. The lower knife should then be put in place with the cutting edge even with the top of the table. The upper knife should be moved down, rotating the flywheel by hand, until the knives cross each other. By means of table adjusting screws, the knives should be moved as necessary in order that a 0.010 inch feeler gauge will go between the knives. At this point the knives should be made exactly parallel with respect to each other, either by knife adjusting screws provided or by shims, if adjustments are not provided. When the knives are parallel, the table should be moved in or out to the desired clearance and the table bolted tightly in place. Clearance should again be checked with the feeler gauge.

When setting knives in a flying shear or a scrap chopper, slightly closer clearances can be used than used in guillotine shears. Extreme care must be exercised to insure that the knives do not clash during operation.

Before installing knives in any shear, they must be accurately ground, demagnetized, cleaned and have grinding burr removed.

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